Overnight Program Volunteer Roles

FFH Overnight Program Volunteer Roles during COVID-19 Shelter

at Foothills Unitarian Church


All Volunteer Roles:

  • When signing up on SignUp Genius, please insert your phone number so the Coordinator, can all contact you as coordination becomes necessary. Bring your cell phone with you when you host.
  • Check the SignUp Genius site and/or check with the Coordinator to find out the number of guests.
  • Review the “FHN Pandemic Protocols” document to familiarize yourself with the cleaning protocols expected of all guests and volunteers.
  • Check the Guest Profiles (if you did not receive these, they are available to you from your coordinators) to see if there are food allergies or other situations to note.
  • Check the “Family Schedules” document for the week to learn if any guests will be arriving late due to work schedules, (this is also available to you through your coordinator)
  • Wear a face covering at all times on the church campus, except when Overnight Host is in his/her room for the night.
  • Wash hands immediately when arriving and periodically as necessary.


Dinner Preparer:

  • IF THERE ARE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR DROPPING OFF YOUR MEAL, PREPPING YOUR MEAL, OR SERVING YOUR MEAL, please contact the evening host the night you are serving prior to your scheduled shift. Otherwise, please drop your meal in the kitchen between 5:30 and 6 pm.
  • Do not cook extra food, be aware that the kitchen quickly is overrun with leftovers and we want to avoid that.
  • Wear a face covering at all times when entering the church campus.
  • You do not need to provide any plates, silverware, napkins, etc.
  • There are many condiments already at the church. If you need them for your meal (ketchup, mustard, salad dressing) ask the coordinator to check ahead of time, or ask the evening host to check that evening, before leaving full jars of condiments with your food.  Remember that unless you are staying to serve, you will be abandoning the jars to contribute to the problem in the refrigerators!


Evening Host (also posted in kitchen):

  • Arrive at 5:00 and enter through the kitchen door. Immediately wash your hands. Wear a face covering the entire time you are at the church. Sign in to the volunteer list if available.
  • Always wear gloves while you are preparing and serving food.
  • The day center staff will have cleaned and sanitized the serving area in the kitchen and right outside the serving windows, before you arrive.
  • Based on what the Dinner Preparer is providing, set out plates, bowls, silverware, and napkins so that you can provide all the necessary tableware as you serve the food.
  • Meet the Dinner Preparer to bring the food into the kitchen. If delivered early, place in oven and/or refrigerator to keep at safe temperatures.
  • Families will come to the serving window one family at a time to receive their food. Serve the food onto plates and hand each person or each family their silverware, etc.  It is permissible to place a bowl of fresh fruit out on the serving table.
  • Serve drinks along with the food. There should be milk and juice containers on the FFH Dinner shelf in the refrigerator.  Exception to this is when families have their own drinks, like a bottle of juice in the fridge, in which case they will take their bottle to their table and serve their own drinks.
  • There is no need to go through the guest residence building and call guests to dinner. If a family has not arrived for dinner by 6:30, and if you are the only Host, you can ask one of the other guests to go get the missing family.  If a family has not arrived on-site by 6:30 and they are not approved for late arrival, contact the Coordinator.
  • Keep the number of people in the kitchen at a minimum to maintain distancing. FFH parents should not hang out in the kitchen with you for this reason. (Families are notified to not enter the kitchen space starting at 5pm.)
  • When families are done eating, including second servings, etc., put away the food, wash any serving utensils and place them in the dishwasher. Depending on what the leftovers are, you can ask the families if they think they would eat them for lunch.  If they say ‘yes’, cover and place the food in the refrigerator on the shelf labeled Dinner Leftovers.  If not, you are welcome to take the leftovers home with you, or offer them to the Overnight Host.  Otherwise, throw them in the trash.
  • One of the guest parents will have clean-up duty and will take out the trash and sweep the kitchen floor.
  • While you wait for the Overnight Host to arrive, if you want to, please feel free to clean and straighten in the kitchen, including throwing away leftovers from the labeled leftover shelf that are not labeled by the guests and which appear to be past their useful date.
  • When the Overnight Host arrives, fill him/her in on any noteworthy happenings from the evening and leave.


Overnight Host

  • Bring your own bed linens and towels, etc.
  • Arrive at the church by 8:00 and enter the kitchen door. Immediately wash your hands.   Sign in to the volunteer list if available. Wear a face covering at all times when in the church kitchen/dining area and when in the hallways of the residence building.
  • Take possession of the FFH Trac Phone. FFH Parents will contact you if they are late coming back to the church, and Jessica will use this number to contact the Evening Host and Overnight Host if she needs to.  Note the phone number(s) for the Coordinator (the one from the hosting congregation) and the “When Backup is Needed” document from Jessica.
  • Take possession of the key that opens all the doors .
  • Lock the doors to the Kitchen/Dining building at 9 pm. Lock the Kitchen door from the inside and lock crash bars on the double doors into the dining area using the allen wrench that hangs from the center door post.  Exit out these doors.
  • Enter the Residence building and lock the main set of wood doors.
  • The Overnight Host bedroom is on the top floor near the middle.
  • If you desire, you can go around to the guest rooms, knock lightly, and introduce yourself (mask on) by waving from the hallway when the guest answers. You don’t have to take this step if you don’t want to.
  • Do not talk on the phone or listen to music – the noise that you make can be heard in the guest room below and can awaken sleeping children. If you need to talk on the phone, please go outside or to the kitchen/dining building.
  • Do not leave until Jessica arrives at 8:00 in the morning. Before leaving, open both of the double doors on the north side of the Residence building (only the wooden doors) as well as the double doors into the dining area and the outside door to the kitchen. You are not responsible for breakfast, and only opening these doors at 7:00 am.
  • Leave the Trac Phone and the key in the kitchen.