Family Housing Network of Fort Collins has four core programs which address the range of needs of families along the continuum from homelessness to sustainable self-sufficiency. During intake, parents work with our Program Director to identify eligibility for each program, and develop a plan to most effectively achieve independence. Throughout each week, they continue to meet with our Program Director to brainstorm, trouble-shoot, and ensure progress toward goals. We collaborate with over 20 local and state partner agencies to address the range of needs of our guest parents and children. Click the tabs below to learn more about each of our programs:

Case Management is provided by FHN’s full-time Program Director, who meets twice weekly with each adult family member in group and individual settings to establish progress goals and access needed community services. She is also available for consultation and guidance throughout the week at FHN’s Day Center.

FHN collaborates closely with a number of partner agencies in Fort Collins over the course of a guest family stay. The Murphy Center and Crossroads Safe House do our primary intake and referral of new families. Collaborative work among agencies includes coordinating case management services, referring guests to each other, leveraging support opportunities, and sharing general information.

In addition, FHN works closely with an array of providers to obtain specific services our guest adults and children need on their journey to self-sufficiency. We regularly refer to medical, mental health, and dental providers, employment and housing agencies, resource centers, legal service providers, public offices, and the Poudre school district, to name a few. We work hard to maintain strong relationships with all of our partners to increase the quality and speed of access to services for our guest families.

The FHN Day Center is a safe, family-friendly facility that meets the unique needs of families with children, and is open six days per week. It allows parents to multi-task family management activities and work towards self-sufficiency, effectively reducing some of the inefficiencies of homelessness. Services available at our Day Center include computer/internet use, showers, laundry, kitchen, resting rooms for naps and illness recovery, and play, reading, and work areas.

This is the only full-service facility in Fort Collins where homeless families can make a semblance of ‘home’ during the day, be protected from weather elements, and not be concerned about safety issues for their young or teenage children.

Faith Family Hospitality (FFH), our overnight program, accommodates four guest families (up to 22 parents and children) at a time. Each family receives:

  • a private family room in which to sleep and keep possessions secure
  • warm, nutritious evening meals
  • breakfast each morning
  • packed snacks and lunch to go if desired
  • gracious hospitality and volunteer support from FFH member congregations

Fifteen host congregations, each supported by a partner congregation, rotate each week to welcome FFH guest families into their buildings. Self-directed volunteer teams, following established FHN Guest and Host Guidelines, provide for the range of hosting duties.

By housing four families each night, FFH has been able to double Fort Collin’s family sheltering capacity and expand support needed for families to become permanently stabilized.

The expected stay for our guest families is generally up to three months, however we retain flexibility due to the varying stabilization needs of our families upon program entry.

The Sherwood House is in its planning stages, with hope that our multi-unit site will be operational by the spring of 2020. We expect to be able to house up to seven families, or a total of up to 21 individuals, in a central Fort Collins location.

This program is for those families who have demonstrated consistent success in our case management program and, while not needing the full support of our emergency shelter program, will benefit from graduated housing support to achieve long-term, sustainable self-sufficiency. Examples of reasons for needing this graduated support include time to increase financial savings, achieve particular housing needs, and address child or parent medical needs.

Transitional housing will allow those families with higher need, and yet demonstrating continuous progress, the extra time and support they need to ensure long-term self-sufficiency. FHN’s ability to provide the full continuum of care will also enable it to reduce waitlist times for the Faith Family Hospitality program and thus reduce the trauma of family homelessness.

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