The FFH Story

Faith Family Hospitality (“FFH”) was conceptualized over the period of a year, beginning in 2011, by thirteen Fort Collins faith communities working together with Angel House Loveland.  They were eager to address a pressing need for emergency shelter in Larimer County for families experiencing homelessness. The Catholic Charities Mission offered four rooms for families and was consistently full. The Fort Collins Rescue Mission did not serve people under 18.  By January 2012, FFH had grown to seventeen member congregations and had developed its own operating model loosely based on House of Neighborly Service’s national shelter model.  FFH welcomed its first guest family for overnight shelter on Jan. 31, 2012.

Our initial focus was on providing congregationally-based, volunteer-directed overnight shelter, meals, and non-faith-based hospitality from 5pm to 7am each night.  It provided welcome relief to our guest parents and children. However, it soon became apparent that to provide lasting community impact, our mission needed to be broadened to day services to help our sheltered families become self-sufficient.  The provision of case management services and a day-time center from which families could manage their affairs was thus added to our program mix.  This expanded mission was significantly more extensive in terms of staffing, facilities, and services, and the next few years were focused on developing the operational and financial infrastructure to provide these services. FFH continues to expand its services along the continuum of care to most effectively and efficiently support our adult and child guests to sustainable self-sufficiency.  We are currently in the planning process for establishing transitional housing to support our sheltered guest families who need more time and support, and to serve more families on our Overnight Shelter waitlist.

FFH’s membership has grown to include 30 congregations in Fort Collins, of various faiths and denominations. The United Way of Larimer County served as our fiscal agent and supporter since our inception. In March 2015, we received our 501(c)3 nonprofit status with the Internal Revenue Service.  In our 2015-16 fiscal year, we have managed all financials ourselves with the support of our capable bookkeeper and Board Treasurer. We are becoming increasingly independent of United Way’s administration, relying at this time on their administration of staff and benefits.

For more detail regarding FFH’s history and key dates, please feel welcome to follow this link: FFH History Key Dates