2nd Annual Heroes for Homeless Families Virtual Event

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On Friday, June 5, 2020, the Family Housing Network of Fort Collins will host its 2nd Annual Heroes for Homeless Families Virtual Event.
To respect the Stay-at-home order for large gatherings we decided to go virtual.  We will hold a Zoom meeting from 7 – 8 pm to recognize special Northern Colorado community members and share a success story.
The evening’s event will include a virtual silent auction running from May 31 – June 7.

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FHN will honor Northern Colorado community members deserving special recognition for their commitment to assisting homeless families with children

Outstanding Business

Tom Elder


Elder Construction

Outstanding Volunteer

Sue & Jack Krueger

Sherwood House Volunteer Project Managers

Outstanding Volunteer

Cliff Bergren

Holy Handyman & His Calvary

Outstanding Government Partner

Whitney Reid

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Opens on May 31st.  Preview coming soon.

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