Widening the Welcome

FFH is expanding its support programs to include transitional housing!

FFH Programs

Most people familiar with FFH readily associate us with our weekly rotating, congregation-based emergency shelter program, established in 2012.  And rightly so – our overnight shelter is vital to parents and children desperately needing physical stability and nurturing hospitality following the trauma of homelessness. This said, providing shelter is not enough.

A family’s ability to achieve self-sufficiency requires intensive day-time support. To this end, FFH’s Day Center and Case Management programs were established in 2013-15.  Our placement rates of families in permanent housing increased during this period, reflecting the effectiveness of temporary wrap-around support.

Some families need more time and graduated support, beyond our emergency shelter, to achieve sustainable stability.  FFH is now in the planning process to establish centrally located transitional housing for up to seven families at a time!

A former domestic violence shelter — currently owned by the City of Fort Collins — is shaping up to be the perfect short-term (six month) interim step to permanent housing for some of our families. After completing the process to secure a long term lease, the property will be remodeled to accommodate FFH needs. We are hoping for a late Fall 2016 opening.  More information available soon!

Leveraged Impact of TH

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