Giving Twice

10,000 Villages

Written by Kathy French, FFH Board Member

10,000 Villages in Old Town,  the fair trade artisan shop, has offered FFH a wonderful gift.  They have promised us a percentage of their profits for any purchase from 3 to 7 PM on November 19th  as a part of their “Giving Twice” campaign. They have beautiful hand-made products from all over the world that they sell on a fair-trade basis.  The talented artisans in other countries are paid a fair price for their work, and 10,000 Villages shares their profit with deserving not-for-profit organizations in their area.  It is a true Giving Twice arrangement.  AND, if you purchase one of their unique and beautifully crafted items to give to someone else, you have actually given 3 times!

Please join us for the Give Twice Shopping Night at 10,000 Villages, 113 Linden, Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO 80524. Wed. Nov 19, 3 to 7 PM.