Housing First


Written by Ben Story, FFH Staff

By now, if there’s one thing that nearly everyone working to end homelessness agrees, it’s that we know how to do it. It’s just a matter of making it reality. The focus is singular, as Rachel Myers, executive director of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance explains. “People are homeless for different reasons and have different kinds of needs,” she said. “But one thing that everyone who’s homeless needs is a home.”*

This is consistently true for the families that come through our program. FFH provides a temporary solution, and an opportunity for them to begin to stabilize. The challenge however is that even if both parents in a family are working and have income it can still be difficult to find housing that is attainable and sustainable. Even those who have successfully moved into housing are still often living very close to the edge.

As a community we need to start asking ourselves how we want to be different. What is it that we can do to begin to create a situation were the role and contribution of every member of our community is valued? How do we ensure that  and they have the opportunity to enjoy the security and stability that comes with having a roof over their head that is both affordable and manageable long term?

*Excerpted from It Would Actually Be Very Simple To End Homelessness For Ever