Celebrating our Neighbors


Written by Sue Peterson, Program Director

Have you met someone new lately? How did you greet them? Did you find out what they liked to do recreationally? Where they grew up? What their children liked to do? What their favorite park or library might be?  What did you invite them to do with you?  Was there a club you belong to that might interest them?  Perhaps you invited them to a summer barbecue, or your place of worship?  Or maybe you asked about where they worked or employment they sought?  Aren’t these questions we ask to get to know our neighbors, our fellow employees, and our new acquaintances?

Members of our congregations and faith communities love the families we shelter and host but don’t always know how to begin to get to know them.  Begin the same way you might get to know a family who moved in next door or are a new face at your place of worship. Join their family at the table for a meal or snack. Engage in easy conversation, with big welcoming smiles, and friendly fellowship each time you meet.  After all, these are our new neighbors, right?  Let’s celebrate together the opportunity to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is what we do.