Who Helps Our Families Find Their Way?


Written Sue Peterson, Program Director

“Some days the choices you make may seem too small to make a difference. But if you change your course only a few compass degrees, the longer you move in that direction, the more you will see the impact of that decision.” Isn’t it true that all of us have had to make turns in our lives; especially those of us that are over 30! We’ve had more opportunity to re-tune, examine what is needed in our lives and seek new direction. It is certainly true in crisis. In fact, crisis motivates change. The key for us is often having friends’ support and if we are lucky the support of our families too.

Our families come to us in crisis. They are seeking a new start.. I find that nearly all of our families lack healthy relationships with their extended families. A recent example of this is a family who has sought acceptance and found it in FFH. They were in an abusive marriage and found the courage to leave that destructive living situation. Many of these women don’t have the support of friends because they have been isolated for so long. When they leave, the parent can feel lost and afraid. Having new opportunities are hard to see when parents such as these are suffering from serious emotional damage. In order to have the energy and confidence to look for a job, and find hope for their future they will need the backing of friends. We are the first friends who many of these women will have starting their new life. Without the friendship we can offer, I’m convinced they will not be able to move on. All the services and classes in the world will be of little help to a mother who doesn’t have the emotional support she so desperately needs.

Reach out, show patience, and understand that their family is coming from chaos and fear. Adjusting to the unknown is full of anxiety. We will see it in their emotional state and in the children. Children will show the stress in the family by either isolating themselves or showing behaviors that seem out of control. Coming beside them, showing gentle and generous care can be life changing for them. I have seen it over and over again, lives have been transformed because of all of our volunteers, reaching out and providing comfort to those who desperately need assurance of their place in this world. Thank you everyone for helping our families find their way.