“Hats Off”

Volunteer Lunch and Learn

Written by Sue Peterson, Program Director

“Hats Off” to our AmeriCorps member Ben Story! He recently hosted a thank you lunch for our Day Center volunteers. A banquet of Spoons’ soup, tossed salads and hot French bread was the lunch of the day with donated sweets and homemade pie with ice cream. He led the group with thanks and an exercise of “what if.” What ifs were offered up by each volunteer for the others to answer. Some examples included “what if a child is running out of control and the parent isn’t paying attention?” “What if someone outside the program comes in looking for assistance?” “What if a parent asks the volunteer to watch their children while they run an errand?”

Information about the success of the Day Center was also shared. In the past 4 months we’ve seen the use of the day center increase 30-40%. We’ve recently signed a three year lease with the Mennonite Church. In just a few days we will “bring the walls down” and begin the construction of a laundry and two shower rooms for use by our families at the day center. This is a dream come true for our families and the result of generous donations from churches and individual support. The time, leadership and planning are being donated by licensed contractor Mark Scott, member of the Ft Collins Mennonite Church. Over and over again FFH has been blessed. What are your “What ifs” for FFH? Where will your dreams begin? “What if” you followed your passion? Where would that lead? On an adventure to make a difference, “what if” you came along? You are most welcome, let us know where you can make a difference for the families in our program. We welcome you on our journey of miracles.