What if? -The Sky Is The Limit!


Written by Sue Peterson, Program Director

Don’t you love those words, “The Sky Is the Limit?” I do. It’s an invitation to dream! What’s your dream? What’s mine? What dreams do our FFH families have? What do we hope for those families? What do we dream of that could further benefit families in and around the hosting we offer to homeless families in Ft Collin, CO?

What if? That’s a phrase I like to start with when I talk to members and Board members about the future of Faith, Family, Hospitality. Did you know that FFH began with a question and dream “what if?”

A few asked “what if” we could provide support and shelter to homeless families in Ft Collins? What if we could get at least 9 faith communities to begin hosting families very soon? A few people, then lots of people took a step of faith and did it. They shared their hopes and dreams with others and FFH was born.

Did you know that establishing a Day Center for our families began with a “what if?” Did you know that obtaining an FFH trailer began with a dream? Did you know that getting showers and a laundry installed at the day center began with “what if?” Did you know asking the question “what if” was the start of getting an AmeriCorps member on staff?

What are your dreams for FFH? Are you going to keep them to yourself or share them with others so that your dream has the possibility for setting the future for FFH? Let others know, will you?