Pro Challenge Cycle Fund Raiser

The Pro Challenge Fund Raiser on August 24th was a Big Success with $1600 raised.

We want to especially acknowledge the efforts of those volunteers from Shepherd of the Hills who for going above and beyond in their efforts to make the day work. Their leadership  was crucial to the success of the fund raiser. Thanks too to a core team from St Luke’s Episcopal who served throughout the day.

Approximately $800 was raised making our event eligible for the $800 match by Larimer Thrivent Investment organization. Hurrah for all the great donations and time donated by approximately 35 people!! Hats off FFH members, you are bringing our families closer to home!

Thanks again to all those who were involved, whether in baking pies and goods, donating gallons of ice cream and other items, or serving and representing FFH on the day. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks too to Home Depot who generously donated goods worth $100.